What is Off The Rails?

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Off The Rails is a platform for rank-and-file rail workers, published by the socialist group Workers' Liberty. Off The Rails has existed for many years as a printed bulletin, but we've now launched this blog to provide a more regular and accessible forum for news, views, and discussion about workers' struggle in the railway industry.

Content from the printed bulletins can be found online here, and here's a bit more about us...

Off The Rails is:

• is a blog and quarterly pamphlet, plus bulletins as needed for particular campaigns or disputes.
• is written by railway workers - all our reports are from the front line. Names are left off so that writers can tell their stories and express their views without fear of victimisation.
• is for all rail workers, whatever your grade, location or employer, whatever trade union you are in.
• aims to provide information to rail workers, support to our struggles, and a forum to discuss strategies.
welcomes and will publish reports, comments and opinions from all rail workers.
• is fiercely pro-union, but is independent of the union head offices, so is not chauvinist about any particular union, and is free to criticise the unions’ leadership when we feel it is necessary.
• has a statement of aims called ‘Fantasy Union of Rail and Transport Workers’: get a copy when you subscribe.
• is published by the socialist group Workers’ Liberty, but aims to be a platform and an organising tool for all activists who share our basic outlook.
• can be sent to you in the post - send a fiver to the address below, or phone us to arrange subs for multiple copies.
• can be contacted at: 20E Tower Workshops, Riley Road, London SE1 3DG, 07941 777632 offtherails@workersliberty.org

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