Western Sahara: Galloway on the wrong side again

Posted in Janine's blog on Fri, 13/10/2006 - 10:51,

I really wish I wasn't doing so many posts about George Galloway. But he keeps on saying/doing outrageous stuff - eg. on the veil, and on abortion - and until his footsoldiers notice that the Emperor has no clothes, I'll have to keep pointing out his nakedness.

Morocco occupies the Western Sahara, and has done since invading the territory in 1975. The Saharawi people are campaigning against the occupation, against the widespread human rights abuses and for a legitimate referendum on self-determination. I first heard about this issue thanks to the stirling work of the Fire Brigades Union (link is to a PDF) in publicising it, and at every labour movement conference at which I have seen it raised, the Saharawis' demands have been unanimously endorsed.

But guess what? Yes, George Galloway is on the wrong side of this one, too. He supports Morocco's "territorial integrity", otherwise knows as its occupation of the Western Sahara. To quote: “I am for Morocco's position (on the Sahara issue), and I always have been”.

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