We all stand together?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 13/07/2006 - 12:45,

London Underground says it prides itself on being a "Customer Led" organisation but apparently radical plans to upgrade Metropolitan Line trains have not gone down well with the travelling public of Harrow. The reason for this outrage is the possibility of 30% of seating being reduced on the new trains.

Concerns have been expressed about the impact this would have on the elderly, pregnant women & young children who could be forced to endure standing for upto a hour on already congested trains.

There are also safety concerns with so many people standing that the likelihood of injury will increase when the train brakes.

Also included in the proposals are the narrowing of the cabs to enable them to travel along other tube lines instead of being restricted to the Metropolitan Line,and creating one long single carriage instead of eight individual car sections.

Although still in the consultation stage and the first of the new trains not due to start running until 2009 a campaign has already been initiated by a Local newspaper and other campaign groups are bound to follow suit.

London Underground management say that the changes are necessary to meet the new disability legislation however some protest groups deem this as a overreaction to the new requirements.

Will London Underground listen to concerns or will this be the start of "glorified" cattle trucks on the Metropolitan Line? Vast areas of the Metropolitan Line are rural but treating customers as livestock is not a good approach!

You could say that some think these proposals are a load of bull!!!

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