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Ticket Machine Servicing (TMS) training is now a compulsory aspect of the CSA2 training programme at Ashfield House. That means LU is saving £13,000 per year per worker graduating from that course: CSA2s are being paid £23k p/a to do work that a SAMF used to get £36k for. It's an almighty con.

When RMT (and, we hope, TSSA) relaunch disputes over the fallout from "Fit for Fuck All", they should make this scandal one of the issues around which we build demands.

Responsible work that involves cash-handling deserves proper remuneration. Unions should demand that any CSA1 or CSA2 licensed to do ex-SAMF work (i.e., anything involving cash-handling or servicing machines) is given a salary enhancement for every shift where they do this work; CSAs who do not want to handle cash should have the right to refuse.

There's a bit of a grey area at the minute, as LU has said we can take the TMS assessment as many times as necessary without facing any disciplinary action. However, this guarantee doesn't apply to new trainees, who have to pass the test to graduate from Ashfield House.

Not all of us want to handle cash. The fair approach is to reinstate proper payment for the job and to give those of us who don't want to do it an opt-out.

No more unpaid promotions!

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