They Hate Children, Don't They?

Posted in Janine's blog on Sat, 09/12/2006 - 20:05,

Roger Evans, Tory Transport spokesman on the Greater London Authority, blogs his proposal that free bus travel for kids should be scrapped.

There are many reasons to rubbish Mr. Evans' view. He says it costs too much, yet being a Tory, supports the filthy rich. He says that kids behave anti-socially on buses, but explains neither how charging them to travel would make them any less anti-social, nor why all kids should be punished including those who behave perfectly. He ignores the fact that under-16s have no significant independent income from which to pay their bus fares, and shows no sympathy with families struggling to get by. And makes no comment about kids forced to travel to and from school by bus because they can't get a place at a school within walking distance of their home.

Many reasons indeed. But what bugs me most of all is simply this ... Mr. Evans just doesn't like children, does he? He possibly doesn't mind those who are ferried about in ma and pa's roller, but those working-class kids who loudly drop their aitches on buses ...

Go pick on someone your own size, Tory git.

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