Televote TV Goes Wild

Posted in Janine's blog on Fri, 08/12/2006 - 21:24,

Now this is getting ridiculous. Tomorrow night sees the start of a new TV show where celebrities hang out with endangered species. Then you the viewer get to vote for which animals should get help to survive.

Yes, really. Don't vote and the furry fellas die out. You choose. Will it be the Polar Bear? Or maybe the Giant Panda? Don't forget that when you vote for one, you are voting against the others. So go on - vote Hyacinth Macaw and wave goodbye to the Orang Utans. Save the Mountain Gorilla and damn the Asian Elephant. If the Leatherback Turtle dies out, it's your fault for voting Bengal Tiger.

Are there no depths to which ITV will not descend in the race for Saturday night prime-time viewers?! Come on, Robin Hood can't be that hard to surpass, can it?

All these animals should survive, and human society should take urgent action to ensure that they do. A slice of the TV industry's profits and the celebs' fortunes would go a long way to help.

How about we vote to save all the endangered species of animals and let the celebrities die out and become extinct? That'd get my vote.

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