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I've been tagged by DK, probably in revenge for me tagging him with the books thingy a couple of months back.

It's ... the seven best things I did in 2006 ...

In no particular order ...

  1. Took my kids to a firework display. Which would be no biggy if it weren't for what happened last time I did this. It was the most significant event in a year of recovery which also included having a metal plate inserted in my eye socket, going back to work, getting a false eye, giving a talk on firework safety at my kids' school, having my compensation claim refused, and getting some therapy.
  2. Visited Rome with my son Alex, getting a bit of culture, noshing on some great food, staying with me old mate Cath, and wearing the odd Rifondazione sticker as the General Election campaign was in full swing.
  3. Lots of union (RMT) stuff, including ... representing the union at both TUC Women's Conference and TUC Congress, helping with unionising cleaners, getting elected union rep at my new station group, campaigning against East London Line privatisation, helping with RMT's efforts to unionise cleaners, supporting the union all of the time and criticising it some of the time, and helping (my partner) John Leach get elected National President.
  4. Stood for election for Hackney Council, thus enabling local residents (myself included) to vote for someone who wants to support working-class communities rather than destroy them. In the process, I became the first socialist, non-Labour candidate in England to be officially backed by the RMT (or any union, to the best of my knowledge - stand to be corrected on this).
  5. Wrote a book on Poplarism - watch this space for details of forthcoming publication.
  6. Continued to do my best as the mother of three fantastic young boys, enjoying their company, marvelling at their achievements, listening to their words of wisdom, and seeing Joseph through a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome.
  7. Turned forty; drank lots of wine, lager and whisky; saw my bezzy schoolmate HelBel for the first time in 20 years; read some good books; spent a luxurious weekend in a Kent cottage; listened to great music old and new; holidayed in the Isle of Wight; watched far too many crime TV shows; made vegetable soup for the gardening club; enjoyed Clive's well-deserved successes; and have probably forgotten some other great stuff too.

OK, so I cheated, what with grouping loads of stuff together and what have you. But I was never much good at picking priorities.

Anyway, I tag Anna, Volty and Jim (separately) at Shiraz Socialist, Stroppy and Louise, and Dave Osler - who is a bit 'bah humbug' about these tag things, but I just really want him to list 'joining the Labour Party' as one of the best things he's done all year.

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