Strikes are on: build, and push for more!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 12/01/2016 - 08:53,

Aslef, RMT, and Unite have named strikes for 26-27 January, 15-16 February, and 17-18 February. Each strike is for 24 hours, commencing on the evening of the first day and continuing until the following evening. TSSA's leadership is meeting tomorrow and may join the action.

These strikes are part of the ongoing dispute over pay, terms and conditions, and the "Night Tube" settlement. The company's offer, tabled in November, is pretty shoddy, for reasons we set out at the time.

That three unions have returned to battle stations after months of quiet is a hugely positive and welcome development. We have to make these strikes count: the shutdown of the network needs to be total, picket lines need to be well supported and vibrant, engaging with the public to explain that, contrary to tabloid myths, we're not simply striking for more money but for a decent settlement on terms and conditions that protects our work/life balance.

RMT, which has a live station-grades-only mandate for action on "Fit for the Future", also needs to use that mandate to call further strikes on this issue as soon as possible. Tubeworker likes the idea of striking for a sustained period over the days around the proposed "Fit for the Future" imposition on 7 February.

While joint union action will have an increased impact, 24-hour strikes will have a limited effect. While our immediate energies need to be focused on making our next strike as solid as possible, we also need to keep in mind that we need to step up our action.

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