Station Closed

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 07/06/2006 - 00:07,

Wasn't Queensway supposed to open at the start of May?

Er, yes. But Metronet couldn't manage to complete the refurb in the full year that the station was closed. Their excuse? Replacing the lifts was "complex". Actually, not just "complex", but "extremely complex".

Excuse us, but complex for the person in the street, maybe. But complex for a company which put itself forward to maintain and improve the railway for the next 30 years? Shouldn't be.

So Metronet finds lift replacement "complex" and preparing rails for hot weather beyond them.

Meanwhile, all TfL can do is slag them off and demand apologies. Which is no great reassurance for the long-suffering passengers, or for the frontline staff who have to take the abuse for their incompetence.

Nothing less than the scrapping of PPP will do. Unless we mobilise to win that, we face a 30-year cycle of cock-ups and apologies.

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