Staffing Cuts Close Stations

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 17/05/2006 - 10:41,

It was very reassuring to read in On The Move that station closures due to staffing cuts are no longer a problem now that the new rosters have bedded in.

But this will come as a surprise to the staff and passengers at Wapping (13th May), Edgware Road Bakerloo (14th) and Victoria (15th), who had to close on successive days due to staff shortages.

Victoria's closure was at the end of the traffic day, presumably meaning that plenty of passengers missed their connection and/or their last mainline train home. How's that for customer service?!

Strangely, no-one could find a DSM to help keep the station open. But then again, when was the last time you saw one after midnight?!

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