Socialism and Kilt-Wearing Soldiers

Posted in Janine's blog on Sat, 30/12/2006 - 14:52,

Hat tip to Stan for this one, but I am struggling to believe it is actually true ...

'Solidarity' motion to Scottish Parliament

"S2M-05356 Ms Rosemary Byrne (South of Scotland) (Sol): That the Parliament believes that the Royal Regiment of Scotland should use the highest quality woollen cloth for its tartan; is concerned that there is a shortage of kilts for the army at present; notes that EU rules insist on competitive international tendering for the supply of goods worth more than £300,000 which could result in the cheapest and most inferior product being chosen, and calls on the Ministry of Defence to announce when the trialling of kilts for the Royal Regiment will end and to ensure that every consideration is given to the contract to supply kilts to the Royal Regiment of Scotland being kept in Scotland."

Surely if the SWP wants the British Army to be defeated - for example, in Iraq - it should want them to have inferior kit?!

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