A Slice of Processed New Labour

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The Social Market Foundation is hosting various fringe events at Labour Party conference. Here's how they describe one of them. Kindly note the last sentence (emphasis added by me; the bold stuff early on is in the original).


Recently the headlines have been filled with cries that we are poisoning our children with junk food and warnings that we are heading for an obesity epidemic. The SMF will be hosting a fringe meeting to explore the role that schools have to play in encouraging young people to pursue healthier lifestyles. An excellent line-up of speakers, including Jim Knight MP, Minister of State for Schools, Steve Grainger, Chief Executive of the Youth Sports Trust and Rebecca Smithers from the Guardian will be looking at how school meals and sports programmes in schools can provide means to encourage healthier lifestyles in young people. This event is o­n Monday 25th September at 8.00am in the Victoria Suite of the Midland Hotel. This event is being held with the kind support of Kraft.


That'll be Kraft, purveyors of processed cheese aka. cheese with most of the goodness processed out of it. What next? A fringe meeting on Lung Health sponsored by Benson & Hedges? The thing is, you could make up piss-take examples, then turn up next year to find that they have come true.

Whoa hang on ... Here's another corker

Does British business help the world's poor?
6.30pm to 7.30pm, Tuesday 26 September Friends Meeting House Joint meeting with Christian Aid and CAFOD.
Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP (Secretary of State, DTI), Edward Bickham (External Affairs Vice-President, Anglo-American plc) and Anne Lindsay (Private Sector Analyst, CAFOD).
Chair: Stephen Beer.

Anglo-American plc. Lovely. One of the world's largest mining corporations, about whom Johann Hari reveals some choice info about their involvement in the Rwandan genocide. Human Rights Watch also dishes some dirt on their subsidiary AngloGold Ashanti Ltd's fingers in dirty pies in Congo.

Lectures on helping poor people from Anglo-American?! I'd rather take lessons from George Best on how to drink in moderation.

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