Service Control

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sat, 28/10/2006 - 14:24,

Service control restructuring is not yet completed. Some people have done better out of it than others, and a fair few people are angry about the situation. Tubeworker always said that this was not a good deal and that RMT should not have called off its strike.

The company is keeping tight-lipped, but unofficially, everyone seems to know that all cabins are to shut by 2012.

RMT service control activists know that the union needs to put up a better fight this time. We need to ensure that no-one is pushed into a job they don't want, and that everyone's pay and conditions are protected. We are in a stronger position now, with the grades committee now meeting regularly and new reps who were not part of brokering the original deal.

This campaign will run and run. Tubeworker will keep service control workers informed, and provide a forum for debate on what the union should fight for, and how. Please feel free to contribute.

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