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Some station staff have received a letter from management about 'self-demotion', setting out the terms of the pay cut that will apply should you sign your agreement.

(This is supposed to be only for staff who have preferenced to work in a lower grade than their substantive grade. So if that doesn't apply to you and you got one anyway, then object.)

But for those who have preferenced a lower grade, is it fair to treat this a self-demotion and apply a pay cut?

Management are at least seeking your confirmation that you understand that your pay will be cut rather than leaving you to get a nasty shock when you open your next pay slip. But is it right that you get a pay cut at all?

In the ordinary scheme of things, if you choose to move into a lower grade then you're going to get your pay cut. But this isn't the ordinary scheme of things - it's the result of a massive and unfair reorganisation in which many people's new substantive grade includes duties, hours and/or locations different from those they had previously, and which they feel unable to do. You may, for example, not have worked nights before and be unable to do so, but your substantive grade requires you to; or maybe the only posts in your substantive grade are at locations which prevent you from meeting family or other responsibilities. In this sort of situation, your 'choice' to self-demote is not really a choice at all. Probably most of the people in this position will have felt that they had no choice.

So, Tubeworker suggests that should you get one of these letters, you speak with your union rep rather than sign it straightaway. You may have a case to retain your pay rate, or to have adjustments made to make it possible for you to work at your substantive grade.

A circular from the unions giving similar advice would be very welcome.

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