Protesting against Israel's Lebanon war in Nottingham

Posted in Pete's blog on Mon, 07/08/2006 - 19:39,

Over the last 2 Saturdays Nottingham AWL supporters in the Campaign for 2 States along with activists from the local Jewish Socialist Groups (and Jewish Peace Campaign) and people from the Nottingham University Peace Movement, have been protesting in Nottingham City Centre.
Our placard and petition slogans have been

  • End the Israeli attacks on Gaza and Lebanon!
  • No to terrorist attacks by Hezbollah and Hamas, no to Israeli state terror!
  • For a free and independent Palestinian state alongside Israel!

We have of course been denounced as a Zionist labourite diversion by the local StW campaign (admittedly by their crazy Stalinist spokesman). We have also been watched closely by the orthodox synagogue representatives, seemingly anxious that any of their flock might be amongst the large Jewish contingent on the protest. I suspect from the argument that I had with him, he was also looking for pro-Hizbullah statements he might use against us.
So far in the quietest time of the year, we have had 35 protesters joining us with our placards and petitions. We have gathered 400 names on a petition; given out 2,000 leaflets (see attached)sent messages of support to Gush Shalom; had some very, very lively conversations and arguments; and collected hundreds of contact details for a hoped-for meeting with an Israeli refusenik in September.
All in all very worthwhile activities that we are going to continue and suggest others do likewise.

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