Oblique Images, Obtuse Management Response

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 25/11/2015 - 17:56,

On crowded platforms, it can be hard for the train driver to see the "Platform Train Interface", particularly on a curved platform. This is what LUL calls an "oblique image" - where people on the platform block the driver's view of the PTI. We'd call it a blind spot.

There are dozens of these all over the Tube, posing a serious safety risk to passengers. Some of the worst locations have been given additional station staff support from the Special Requirements Team so CSAs on the platform can assist drivers. But this isn't a "special" requirement - it's a permanent one!

Both Aslef and RMT have been pushing for a resolution from management, and none was forthcoming. In a rare outbreak of unity, both unions put out a communiqué advising drivers to insist on assisted despatch from CSAs at platforms with blind spots.

The long-term solution is more staff on platforms and improved camera coverage.

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