No to Driver Displacements

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 12/06/2016 - 14:43,

Remember that promise that there would be no detriment arising from the implementation of Night Tube? Remember that promise in the Pay and Night tube dispute settlement that work-life balance would not get worse and would get better where possible?

Well, those promises look like a sick joke to the 42 drivers across the combine facing forced displacement from their depots to depots an hour or more from where they work now.

Numbers at Queen's Park and Earl's Court are falling towards the minimum, but LUL has decided not to recruit more drivers (because it over-recruited for Night Tube and so has some extras), it will kick junior drivers out of their depots and dump them at the other end of London, starting with 15 drivers from Morden, to be followed by 24 from the Central Line east depots.

RMT's Central Line East branch has already called on the union to ballot for industrial action, as drivers flocked to its last meeting determined to fight this. These drivers face having more than ten hours added to their weekly travelling hours to and from work.

The clear message to management is that if they don't back down, we will walk out. They claim that the Main Agreement says they can do this - but it doesn't say that they have to, and it doesn't say that we can't fight them doing so.

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