No Compensation?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Sun, 02/07/2006 - 10:08,

Odd isn't it? How the government mourns the victims and praises the staff over the 7th July bombings ... then when it thinks we're not looking, tries to cheat people out of a bit of compensation.

OK, not so much 'odd' as downright disgusting.

In fact, the government's new proposals for Criminal Injuries compensation hit workers particularly hard. They seek to completely exclude people injured by criminal actions at work.

Not only would that exclude workers hurt or traumatised by future terrorist attacks, but also the week-in-week-out occurrence of Tube staff assaulted on duty.

Do you suppose that if someone infuriated by this tight-fistedness were to injure a Cabinet minister going about their duties then that Cabinet minister would settle for no compensation? No, thought not.

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