Night Tube launch announced? Sort of...

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 18/03/2016 - 23:23,

There seems to be a lot of fun and games going on regarding the launch date from Night Tube.

Apparently Boris Johnson wanted to announce its launch in September, so Aslef decided to undercut him by announcing it would be starting in August! In an attempt to get the upper hand again, Boris has now said it will start "in late July". Tube bosses say "from late July." The problem with all this spin will be if bosses try and rush the launch of Night Tube to suit the mayor; at the cost of doing it safely. They already tried to force it past workers and were given a firm rebuttal by our unions.

There's also the outstanding issue of the TubeLines workers' pay, terms, and conditions, which need levelling them in line with the deals offered to other LU staff. They're standing firm for equality and could yet throw a spanner in the launch plans.

Two things are for certain: whenever Night Tube is launched, Boris will be out of City Hall. And whenever it's launched, it will require the consent and participation of workers. Neither the incumbent nor incoming Mayor, nor LU bosses, should take that for granted.

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