Night Tube Drivers: External Adverts or Internal Promotion?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 24/12/2015 - 09:53,

So the company is advertising part-time Night Tube drivers' jobs. Here at Tubeworker, we like to see new jobs created and to see staff getting the opportunity to work reduced hours. And if Night Tube duties are done by part-timers who want to work those hours, then there will be no need for full-timers to work any extra night turns.

But why are these jobs being advertised to the public rather than to existing staff first?! Part-time station staff have little enough opportunity for promotion as it is. And displaced part-time SAMFs may prefer to get a job as a driver than to work in a CSA role that they worked hard to get out of!

The unions have done well to knock back Night Tube until we have an acceptable agreememt as to how to staff it. But we are in danger of management using the opportunity of the current stand-off to take steps that disadvantage our staff.

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