Metronet Dustbowl on the Drain

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 04/12/2006 - 22:14,

Today, Metronet's incompetence descended from scandal into farce. They spent the weekend grinding rails on the Waterloo and City line, but did not tidy up after themselves - in particular, they did not hoover up the dust.

So as soon as a train moved, a big cloud of dust billowed up and covered the platforms at Bank in a thick layer of grime. Drivers couldn't drive through the smog and passengers couldn't be allowed into that sort of environment, so no trains ran until well into the afternoon.

We've already had the standard apology from Metronet, and we can doubtless look forward to stern speeches from Mayor Livingstone and LUL big cheeses about how they are going to get tough with Metronet. Maybe the Infraco will have to "pay" some kind of nominal fine. But the directors will continue to coin it in, and the cock-ups will continue.

There's only one solution. Kick them off the contract and bring all the work - and all the workers - back into LUL.

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