Metronet In "Crap" Shocker

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 16/11/2006 - 21:47,

News from the Department For Telling You What You Already Knew ... The PPP Arbiter has published a review of Metronet's performance and guess what? It's not very good. Really.

But before you rush out to celebrate this full and frank admission, pause for a few sobering thoughts ... The Arbiter has no power to do anything about it. There is no assessment that the PPP itself is the problem. And LUL thinks that the solution is that we should all help Metronet a bit more. Let's hope the company takes the same forgiving attitude to staff who 'under-perform'.

Tubeworker, meanwhile, suggests that the solution would in fact be to chuck the fat-cat profiteers off the railway, and bring Metronet's workers back into London Underground and allow them to do their job properly. We'd also like to know how much public money goes to the 'PPP Arbiter' to produce 70-page reports such as this, as wouldn't that money be better spent re-integrating the Underground.

But then again, we did spend five years fighting PPP.

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