LUL: As Long As You Sell Tickets, You Need to Pay a Ticket Seller!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 20/01/2016 - 21:19,

As long as London Underground sells tickets, it will need qualified ticket sellers. LUL may have bricked up its ticket windows, but it still needs people to service the ticket machines and take responsibility for cash collections. When ticket machines fail to print tickets or keep customers’ money, or when customers buy the wrong ticket from the machines by mistake, LUL needs people who can process refunds according to procedure. Although LUL spent years preparing to close ticket offices by belittling the role of the ticket seller, the job remains an important and responsible one. Fail to account for every penny of LUL’s money or carry out a procedure correctly and you will soon find yourself on the wrong side of LUL’s disciplinary policy.

So how does LUL plan to ensure that this important and responsible role is carried out after it implements Fit for the Future? It plans to force CSAs to take on the ticket sellers’ tasks. It has told us it is now ‘mandatory’ to do the ticket sellers’ qualification, for which we will have to master a daunting list of procedures. To top it all, we will have to do the training and assessment for the qualification in our own time!

Why should we make it easy for LUL to force this unwanted qualification onto us? If LUL won’t train us properly, why should we spend our evenings at home on our i pads swotting up for assessments? LUL may pretend that a ticket seller’s responsibilities are insignificant, that they require no proper training and deserve no extra pay once we’re qualified. But we know different. We have a message for you LUL: if you want us to take on extra work, train us and then pay us! Better still, allow the existing trained ticket sellers to continue to do a job that they have chosen that is essential for London Underground and its passengers.

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