It's Atz-Mon again!

Posted in Bruce's blog on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 23:57,

Lest anyone think that repeated invites to Marxism for anti-semitic saxophone-playing conspiracy theorist Gilad Atzmon was an aberration on the part of the SWP, National Secretary Martin Smith is appearing with him again tonight in Manchester.

Under the title 'Five for Trane' (designed to appeal to anoraks such as myself who know that Archie Shepp made a 1964 album called 'Four for Trane'), Atzmon and Smith 'come together for a unique event celebrating the life and music of John Coltrane and the civil rights movement,' presumably to celebrate Coltrane's recent 80th anniversary, while raising money for the SWP. (It's £10 a shot waged.)

In case anyone doubts Atzmon's psychiatric credentials, an ad in 'Jazz UK' for his latest tour reads: 'Artie Fishel (aka Gilad Atzmon) is a brilliant but mad saxophonist.' A rare moment of insight...

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