Gutter Press Goes Down The Drain

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 15/06/2006 - 21:11,

Metronet appears to be on a charm offensive, or is it a desperate attempt to rescue its deservedly woeful reputation?

Whichever, they invited the media down into the Drain, to tell us what a fabulous job they are doing down there and how confident they are that it will be finished on time. What do they want? A medal?! The Evening Standard (Falling Standards to you and me) and the BBC duly obliged.

Tubeworker strongly suspects that the people working on the project have rather different views of Metronet's standards, particularly on safety. But this PR exercise used a tour of workers' hard graft to shine up the public image of Metronet's bosses. funny how they didn't take the journos on a trip to the bank with the Infraco directors - laughing all the way.

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