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Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 02/10/2007 - 04:42,

We think management may be planning to install minibars in drivers' cabs. Stands to reason, since their 'top form' booklet recommends having the following with you in the cab - water, orange juice, coffee or tea, bananas, low-fat low-sugar cereal bars, cheese/tuna/turkey/salmon/peanut butter wholemeal bread sandwiches, nuts and raisins, and dried fruit. Blimey. Not that it specifies when you should eat these things - perhaps as you are motoring along? or grab a mouthful in between closing the doors and moving off?

We also have the usual pearls of wisdom about avoiding tiredness by getting a good night's sleep (yes, really), and the Sergeant-Major-like order, 'Get some exercise' - perhaps they will fit a multi-gym in the cab alongside the minibar.

Victoria line drivers will be especially reassured to know that LUL wants you to "Spend as much time outdoors as you can" because "Lack of daylight increases the brain hormone that makes you sleepy."

If management followed the advice in their own booklet, they would: cut the working week, schedule more breaks, ensure the availability of healthy refreshments along the route, make rosters less anti-social, and provide leisure facilities for staff. But no matter how many times Tubeworker reads the booklet, we can find no announcement that LUL intends to do any of this.

And guess what? Yes, this is another part of the company's 'strategy' to reduce SPADs.

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