A finger of fudge is just enough to give your staff a treat ??????

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 22/03/2006 - 20:08,

Following on from the theme of Ticket Office closures this memo was sent out by a GSM regarding Sales from Ticket Offices and I quote directly from this

A recent review at senior level,of the ticket office opening times and working practices agreed to the following:-

1. Current ticket office opening times will remain unchanged.

2. If the ticket office is closed and a customer is unable to purchase their ticket from the POM's, staff on duty may open the ticket office and sell the relevant ticket.

3. Excess fares may be accepted via the ticket office window and the normal excess fare ticket issued via the TOM.

4. Please continue to advise customers to switch to Oyster where possible and advise them of the normal ticket office opening times.

The general requirement is to adopt a common sense approach to providing customer service. This is not overturning the ticket office opening times, but a means to address the concerns I know you all have since the introduction of the SSW working.

It is accepted that when you offer ticket services to a customer, others may quickly queue behind them - in this instance, serve them as normally, re-closing your window for sales as quickly as possible.

A further detailed instruction will follow later this week, however if you have any questions please feel free to ask either myself or any of the DSMs.

Talk about fudging the issue!!! This is a lame attempt to say that management have made a mistake but are too stubborn to back down completely. Ticket Offices should have specified opening times but these opening times should be suitable and convenient to the customers. The suggestions in this memo would only cause confusion to the customers and be a potential source of conflict to staff. There is no uniformity or consistency to this approach.

It's like walking past a supermarket when it is closed and the demanding it to open up just so you can buy some shopping! You can imagine where you would be told to go in not so polite terms.

The memo also implies that the onus is now being placed on the staff to open up to sell tickets and if they don't then it will be their fault if the customer complains and this somehow deflects the blame from the senior management who devised these stupid ticket office opening times in the first place!

Staff are happy to sell tickets but only if they are within a designated opening time and one which is sensible,appropriate and convenient to the customer.Now that would be a common sense approach to customer service!

Staff are somewhat bemused and angered by this stupid proposal and it is only right and proper that it should be fought and decent ticket office opening times be reinstated.

Despite their protestations London Underground would dearly love to shut Ticket Offices and that the first phase of the SWW is just the first attack in cutting jobs. The 2012 Olympics may give us a brief stay of execution but once these are over expect the LUL hatchet man to come at us with renewed vigour.

I just hope that some of us still have a stomach to carry on fighting.

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