Eight Reasons Why Tubeworker will be Voting 'No' to the Pay / Night Tube Offer

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Wed, 03/02/2016 - 16:10,

As our unions put referendum papers into envelopes asking us to accept the pay / Night Tube offer, Tubeworker will be voting No, because:

1. It is a pay cut. National Insurance rules change in April, meaning that more will be deducted from our gross pay. Together with the rising cost of living, this means that we will have less money coming in and more going out.

2. LUL has given Area Managers 8% pay rises. Why should we settle for so much less?!

3. We (especially those of us in lower-paid grades) will be left struggling with the spiralling cost of living in London.

4. A four-year deal means that there will be no chance of progress in pay or working conditions (for example, on our long-standing demands for shorter working hours or equal travel facilities) until 2019.

5. In those four years when we don't fight over pay and conditions, what do you think management will do - twiddle their thumbs?! No, they will set about further attacks on our jobs and conditions. They will try to impose Fit for the Future - Trains, Fit for the Future - Service Control, Fit for the Future - Engineering, etc etc etc.

6. Under Fit for the Future - Stations, staff will be doing the work of the grade that is currently above them, but the pay offer does not increase their salary to reflect that. (Expect this when FftF comes for your grade too.)

7. Boris Johnson has already welcomed the prospect of the unions accepting, saying that LUL can now move on to extending Night Tube beyond Fridays and Saturdays and to introducing fully automated (ie. driverless) trains.

8. We have the power to win more. All grades standing together will make management put their hands in their pockets.

And a final one ... Although RMT is asking members to vote to accept only those parts of LUL's offer that concern pay and Night Tube, the company may insist that as its offer includes Fit for the Future - Stations as well, then it is all or nothing: that by accepting pay/NT we are accepting FftF or that if we don't accept it all we can't have any of it.

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