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Posted in Off The Rails's blog on Mon, 14/12/2015 - 18:25,

Traincrew unions Aslef and RMT have issued a joint statement clearly stating that they "will not agree" to the introduction or extension of Driver Only Operation, including in the form of "Driver Controlled Operation" or "Driver Door Operation".

The statement goes on to set out some of the main reasons for opposing DOO and commits the unions to "[campaigning] in unity to oppose any extension of DOO and DCO/DDO and to seek to explore ways of reversing it where it has been introduced."

This clear statement is very welcome and long overdue. Basic solidarity and unity in opposition to DOO are precisely the things that will be most vital in defeating any attempts to introduce it. It is something of a shot across the bows of the Department for Transport, Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies.

OTR awaits developments with interest and calls for a co-ordinated campaign by both unions with rank-and-file members leading campaigning efforts locally - this will encourage a sense of ownership of the campaign by ordinary members, which may be important when the attacks come. Defeating this will probably mean a serious fight and an active and involved membership can act as a counterweight to any potential wavering at leadership level when the going gets tough.

Credit where it is due though - the RMT and Aslef leaderships have done well in delivering this important statement.

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