DLR Passengers Stuck in the Pipe

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 26/10/2006 - 08:39,

On Tuesday morning, 460 DLR passengers had to be walked along the tunnel walkway to Bank after being stranded in the pipe for an hour and a half. Four needed medical treatment; many were well naffed off.

Why were they stranded for so long? Part of the reason is that the DLR didn't actually tell Bank LUL station that there were people on the stalled train until nearly an hour after it stalled!

It's not the fault of any individual, but the inevitable consequence of having two separate companies - one of them private - running services out of the same underground station. The separation makes for breakdowns in communication.

The planned privatisation of the East London Line / London Overground is explicitly modelled on DLR - run by a private operator under the wing of TfL. So perhaps Tuesday's incident is a foretaste of what Whitechapel and Canada Water stations can look forward to. Unless we stop the sell-off, of course.

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