District Line: Spiralling Costs And Severe Delays

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 18/09/2015 - 16:24,

Tubeworker hears that LU is storing shiny new District S Stock trains in a shed in Derbyshire because work to extend the depots for the new fleet has overrun. Ealing Common depot should have been ready within three years; but it’s been three years and the work is still only half finished Tubeworker wonders how much LU is spending to keep these expensive trains off the road!

Meanwhile, the new signalling for the District and other sub-surface lines, originally due in 2018, now looks like it will be delayed until around 2022 and will cost £5.54 billion, 30% more than originally planned. LU dropped its contract with Bombardier, who proved incapable of delivering the work on time, but still paid £85 million to this time-wasting contractor.

LU seems happy to keep handing vast sums out to contractors, while it cuts frontline jobs and begrudges us a pay rise.

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