Defend the London Bridge 3!

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Mon, 27/02/2017 - 11:15,

Two members of London Bridge station staff have been disciplined, and a third summarily dismissed, after they, and another member of staff (who was pregnant), were assaulted by a fare evader.

An RMT statement says: "The three members, Lee Cornell, Saeed Souissi and Dave Sharp have been subject to disciplinary sanctions including summary dismissal, suspended dismissal and a 52 week final warning [respectively] after having to deal with an abusive, violent, fare evading passenger at the station. London Underground showed complete disregard for its own Staff Assault Policy & Procedures and these members have been wrongly punished and treated deplorably by the Company."

As one local activist put it, "LU disregarded the fact Lee and two other staff were physically and verbally assaulted by the customer Lee is accused of accosting. Lee was punched twice and had his glasses stolen by this person."

Station staff on the London Bridge Area are being balloted for strikes to win Lee's reinstatement and justice for Saeed and Dave. If the company don't do the right thing, the ballot will have to spread.

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