The Cleaners' Christmas Carol

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The video below is a short one put together by RMT about its campaign to organise, and improve the pay and conditions of, rail and Tube cleaners. It features the union's demonstration outside Metronet headquarters on Monday 4th December, and some words of wisdom from Alex Asare-Ansah, RMT cleaners' rep in contractor ISS on the Piccadilly line, who spoke at the recent No Sweat conference. I've also included beneath the video the words of the RMT's 'Cleaners' Christmas Carol'.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my boss should give to me ...

  • an annual pay increase
  • a shorter working week
  • a decent pension scheme
  • twenty eight days leave
  • full employment rights
  • free travel pass
  • proper safety wear
  • respect and equality
  • a fair sick-pay scheme
  • clean changing rooms
  • unsocial pay
  • and at least seven pounds and 5p
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... on January 8th. Details here.

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