About That Offer, Steve...

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 23/07/2015 - 02:40,

A Tubeworker reader took a closer look at the "final" pay offer LU put on the table before our 8-9 July strike (you remember, the one they presented in the afternoon but said they'd withdraw unless the unions accepted it by 18:30). It made even worse reading on closer inspection than it did at first glance...

Am I reading pay offer wrong?

For anyone on over 50k - which includes all full-time SS1s, Service/Power Control & Technical Officers it is a worse offer than before!

As 1% plus £500 works out less than previous 2% AND they've tacked on a second year of no increase in real terms for a three year deal?!

Plus once you incorporate the first 1% for those on or near 50k, (and 1% pushes train ops over 50k), then it's worse than what was on offer previously for all of those staff!

Are they extracting the urine?

And the "£500 non-consolidated launch bonus to all staff on the Night Tube lines or at stations serving these lines"?

What about those staff who are working to bring in Night Tube but don't work on trains or stations on these lines or at stations serving these lines!?! Previously (on 9th April), the offer was:

• A £500 non-consolidated payment to ALL COO staff PLUS CPD operational employees

SO... how did a worse offer become a take it or we take our ball away and don't play anymore?

It's almost as if they're trying to provoke a strike to justify privatising???

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