1 + 1 = accessibility?

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 19/05/2016 - 10:24,

Lack of station staff is causing many issues for disabled passengers who use the Tube.

Tubeworker hears that stations with lifts have become less accessible since staffing levels have been cut. Most stations with lifts are now staffed for much of the day by the bare minimum number of staff required to stay open (1 +1, i.e. one supervisor and one CSA). During these times, staff are not allowed to use the lifts in case the lifts get stuck. Two staff must always be available to evacuate the station and deal with lift failures.

So, for much of the day, when a Visually Impaired Person requires assistance from staff, the staff have to say, 'I am happy to help you down to the platform, but you must go on your own in the lift or walk with me down the emergency stairecase'.

LU has imposed staffing levels that leave VIPs feeling like an unwelcome burden. At worst, this leaves VIPs in an unsafe situation should anything happen in the lift while staff are not present.

We need to reverse station staff cuts for the sake of staff and passengers!

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