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Transport for London audit: Open the books!

The audit and review of TfL's governance and finance, ordered by the Department for Transport (DfT) as part of the funding bailout provided in June, and led by accountancy firm KPMG, was due to make its initial report at the end of August.

As Tubeworker reported, language in the audit's terms of...

Aslef members vote yes for action

Aslef members on LU have voted by a 95% majority in favour of industrial action, on a 70% turnout. It's a thumping result on a high turnout, that easily smashes the arbitrary thresholds of the Tories' anti-union laws.

Aslef balloted over the demand that LU abide by all existing agreements - in...

Defend Sherelle Cadogan!

Sherelle Cadogan, an I/O and Aslef member, has been given a 12 month suspended dismissal for challenging racism!

A manager posted racist comments on social media, including disparaging Black Lives Matter. Sherelle and others quite rightly, challenged the comments. While the Manager was reported...

Kept Out for their Colour

At last week's online Tubeworker meeting (held jointly with Off The Rails), we learned about the history of 'colour bars' on the railways.

After the Second World War, there was a labour shortage in Britain, and thousands of black workers from Britain's former colonies came here to fill the jobs...

Inspection Deflection

It might be a good idea to offer someone an opportunity to develop their skills - but that's not the same thing as getting them to do your job for you!

In particular, do remember that Planned General inspections (PGIs) are a management responsibility. A CSS might accompany a CSM - if they want to...

Hands Off Our Newsletters!

A trains manager took it upon themselves to unilaterally remove a union newsletter from the depot booking-on point, apparently because they took exception to some of its contents - an article about the concept of gaslighting, especially in the context of racist discrimination.

A grievance has...

Making equality more than a buzzword

This article, by rail worker Becky Crocker, was first published in the Solidarity newspaper, here.

In recent months I have become increasingly aware of the lack of diversity in my workplace, a Network Rail office in London.

My suspicions about Network Rail were confirmed when I read in its...

Thoughts on RMT's Current Difficulties

It is no secret that conflict between RMT's National Executive and some of its officers has exploded dramatically over recent weeks.

Tubeworker's sister blog, Off The Rails, looks at the issues here.

The conflict in RMT

  • RMT must address mental health issues and bullying allegations
  • External investigation needed, but union must change itself
  • Genuine debate, criticism, and accountability is essential, and is not bullying
  • For a union led by members, through our lay representatives, not by officers
  • The National...
  • Taxi for Gett!

    Staff were left stranded on Monday night when taxi provider Gett's systems went down and so drivers did not know where they needed to go.

    After a dead late, craving your bed, the last thing you need is to be standing in the street in the small hours not knowing when - or even whether - your ride...

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