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Stalinist in-jokes won’t build a healthy union

The RMT Young Members Committee has designed a new badge. Nothing wrong with that. But the slogan on the badge, "Always vigilant", has a meaning that is less than edifying. While “vigilance committees” in the unions under the influence of the Communist Party of the 1920s are worthy of study, if not...

Full Roster? No Thanks!

There is still a pandemic. There are still far fewer passengers. There is still danger in coming to work.

Sorry for stating the obvious, but it appears that some managers have forgotten.

In order to reduce infection risk, early in the first lockdown, stations adopted 'pandemic rosters', in...

Workers' Liberty Model Motions for NEU Confernce 2021

If you support one of our motions get in touch with us to discuss the upcoming National Education Union conference and try to pass one of our motions through your local NEU meeting. Motions must be submitted by districts by midnight 3rd December.

ScotRail guards to strike

ScotRail guards based at Glasgow Central station will strike every Sunday between 29 November and 3 January, in a dispute over bosses' abuse of disciplinary procedure.

The strikes are accompanied by a ban on overtime, rest day working, and higher grade working from 30 November to 2 January....

Step forward in Sodexo jobs fight

RMT has reported that Sodexo, the outsourcing giant which runs TfL staff canteens, has backed down from its threat to make workers compulsorily redundant.

As we reported previously, Sodexo was planning to slash 30 jobs on the contract as part of a restructure that will also see canteens move away...

Mick Cash to retire: organise the rank and file!

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash has announced his retirement, only a year into his second term. The announcement was made during a chaotic Annual General Meeting, conducted online. Many delegates and union activists had criticised various aspects of AGM proceedings, including a decision by the union...

New lockdown: reinforce safety measures!

The new lockdown comes into effect from tomorrow. Our unions must fight for reinforced safety measures.

LU has said workers in the "Clinically Extremely Vulnerable" (CEV) category will not be expected to be in the workplace, and those whose jobs mean they can't work from home are likely to be put...

Close for deep cleans!

Union reps are pushing LU to improve its procedures for when a case of Covid is confirmed in a workplace, after recent incidents at Euston and Victoria. An RMT leaflet says current processes are "not robust or comprehensive enough."

Of particular concern is LU's insistence that they can keep a...

Sadiq Khan's local Labour Party supports Tube cleaners

Tooting Constituency Labour Party in south London has passed a resolution supporting RMT's campaign for full sick pay, staff travel passes, and direct employment for Tube cleaners.

Whilst any wider support throughout the labour movement is welcome and important, this development is especially...

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