Study courses

Study courses

Here you can find a wealth of resources to learn or teach about Workers' Liberty and socialist ideas.

The Left in Disarray: study guide

1. Stalinist roots
Read: Introduction and first part of "Stalinism has not been buried yet", pages 8 to 73.
Background or further reading: Russian Revolution book, chapter 10. Trotsky, Revolution Betrayed.

Quotes to discuss:

"Philby stuttered... 'Whatever Stalin does - that is the left!'... It is a statement that sums up an entire epoch in the history of the world and of the left" - p.20

Workplace activist skills training from Workers' Liberty

Trade union activists in AWL have developed a short series of workshops to help develop workplace activist skills.

The workshops are:

- Beyond "organising": has "the organising agenda" replaced "partnership" as the orthodoxy of the trade union bureaucracy? What are the positive aspects of "the organising agenda", and what are its limits? Can socialists argue for and build a radical model of organising? Click here to download workshop notes as a PDF.

Marxism and trade unions

This a six-part AWL education course.

Its purpose is to give all members a solid grounding in some fundamental ideas about what trade unions are, and the role of socialists in unions and workplaces. We want every member to do this course – members currently active in unions, and those who will be union activists in future, or have past experiences to share. This collective knowledge and understanding will help make AWL even more effective and help develop our ideas. By all means also invite contacts.

AWL week school, 31 August-4 September 2010

Workers’ Liberty will be running a five day long educational school in London, in the afternoons between Tuesday 31 August and Saturday 4 September (roughly 3-7.30 each day). The aim of the school is to help comrades educate themselves and encourage reading and discussion on a number of related political themes, as well as developing public speaking and arguing skills (the latter is part of each session, not just the first day).

The topics covered will be:

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