AWL conference 2008

Troops, militias and slogans

Comrades from all sides of the AWL’s debate on Iran/Iraq summarise what they they thought of the debate, what they think were the important arguments in the discussion and where they think the discussion can now go. Solidarity will continue this debate. Please send in (short) contributions. All members of the AWL agree on three basic points: 1. opposition to the occupation, 2. the clerical-fascist nature of the various sectarian movements and 3. that we give exclusive political support to the Iraqi labour movement, women’s and LGBT organisations. We wish to see these particular movements take...

Procedure for AWL NC elections

Nominations to be in - by posting to - by midnight Tuesday 6 May/ Wednesday 7 May. Each nominated candidate then to be required to write about 100 words describing their activity and record in the organisation, and any particular political slant which they hope to represent on the NC. Those self-descriptions will be made available at the conference. The conference will include a hustings session in which AWL members can speak in favour or against particular candidates, or in favour of or against a particular balance on the committee.

What Now for the World Economy?

Document Of AWL Conference 2008 1. The UK has not had an actual recession since 1990-2. Manufacturing went into recession in 2001, but not the whole economy. People under the age of about 30 generally have no living memory of a recession. We do not know whether the recession now underway will spread into a full-scale world recession, or how big the effects in Britain of a world recession may be. But there is a serious probability of a serious downturn. 2. It would be foolish to assume that a slump will necessarily provoke a burst of working-class industrial combativity. Trotsky pointed out...

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