AWL conference 2005

AWL in conference - “The workers’ movement will revive”

By Mike Sanders Marxist activists from across the country met over the weekend 21-22 May for the conference of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty. The major debates were on Iraq, “Rebuilding the labour movement”, and the work and purpose of the AWL. Our discussion on Iraq concentrated on the practical solidarity work we as British socialists can do to help the fledgling Iraqi workers’ movement. Iraqi socialists from the Worker-communist Party of Iraq spoke as guest speakers to our meeting about the prospects for Iraqi workers what is required in terms of solidarity. But the political context on...

AWL: what we are, what we do and why we do it

Over a period of two centuries and more, humankind has made tremendous strides in developing its power to control nature and, in terms of medicine and surgery in all their aspects, over itself. But we have proved as yet unable to break through into the higher stage of civilisation whose objective preconditions have long existed - the stage characterised by rational, human control over our society, and over nature, by a harmonious relationship with the eco-system on which everything depends. We are still at the mercy of irrational social and political forces, even while our power to tame the...

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