AWL conference 2003

Iraq: some questions and one amendment

Published on: Fri, 25/04/2003 - 00:53

By Bruce R

I don't particularly want to reopen this discussion in the terms in which it was previously posed. However, though I could vote for it, I find the formulation on this in the conference document somewhat unclear and possibly contradictory and also believe that there at the least nuances in the group that may (or may not) reflect differences on this issue.
So I think it is worth going through the relevant part of the document in detail.

43. Our 2003 AGM resolution stated: "We would express our opposition to a colonial policy or puppet government by making slogans such as 'self

We fight for human solidarity

Published on: Mon, 17/03/2003 - 17:59

Liam Conway made the closing speech at conference.
"Comrades, the mainstream labour movement is dominated by people who have nothing in common with the aspirations of the working class - who care nothing for the idea of human solidarity.

"People who think it is right to go to war in alliance with a right-wing republican government in America - not to liberate its people from a dictator, but to liberate its oil for western capitalism.

"People who think it is just and fair that Cherie Blair can buy two flats for her son in Bristol for £500,000 using the services of a known conman, whilst

Alliance for Workers' Liberty conference: A new tempo

Published on: Fri, 14/03/2003 - 17:23

Critical for the working class, critical of the left and frankly self-critical. Those were the essentials at the Alliance for Workers' Liberty (AWL) conference in London on 1-2 March. Paul Hampton reports.
The purpose of the AWL's conference was to draw a balance sheet on the last 12 months' work, debate differences within the organisation and set out the main political lines of our activity for the coming year, and in these respects it was a great success. Some of these issues are certain to be debated further in Solidarity over the coming months.

The opening session of conference discussed

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