AWL conference 2019 (Jan 2020)

Moving forward, turning outwards

On 18 and 19 January, Alliance for Workers’ Liberty members from across the country met for our annual conference to debate and democratically decide upon our programme and priorities for the class struggle ahead of us, and elect our committees. The conference opened with a discussion on a document which provided a comprehensive Marxist analysis of the climate crisis. It argued for a socialist environmental transitional programme, fighting for worker-led “just transitions”, and for a united front approach to campaign on issues such as fracking, new fossil fuel plants, and the Socialist Green...

Fighting climate crises - AWL conference document 2019/20

1. The engine driving climate change §1.1 The first research demonstrating that carbon dioxide released through burning fossil fuels would drive global warming was published well over a century ago, the first government warnings in the 1960s, and the first IPCC report in 1990. Now, the scientific consensus about serious human-driven climatic heating - with far-reaching effects - is over 99%. It is the greatest danger facing both humanity and the success of the socialist project. §1.2 Beyond global warming, there are several major independent environmental threats. Biodiversity loss and species...

Feminism - AWL conference document 2019/20

As revolutionary socialists, fighting for a society based on human need not profit, Workers’ Liberty has always been serious about being class struggle socialists and feminists. This document - passed at AWL conference 2019 - restates our basic perspectives, and outlines what we should be campaigning around now.

Israel/Palestine - AWL conference policy 2019

1. Our programmatic position on the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab conflict is: • A two-states settlement: self-determination for both the Palestinian and the Israeli Jewish nations — an independent Palestinian state, with equal rights, alongside Israel • peace between the states in the region, notably, recognition of Israel in agreed borders by the Arab states and Iran • equal rights, and national minority rights, for the Palestinian minority in Israel • workers' unity across borders and national divisions • a socialist federation of the Middle East, with self-determination for minorities like the...

International greetings to Workers' Liberty conference, January 2020

Various communist groups, internationally, with which we have connections, sent messages for us, for our annual conference. We invite them to also send delegations where possible. We include the messages below. Workers' Liberty in Australia Your work on climate action and a socialist Green New Deal is particularly vital to us, as all round the world, the link is being made between capitalism and climate change. The specific measures needed in Australia are different, reliant as we are on coal and other mineral exports, extensive livestock and cropping in arid lands, combustion engines and...

Other motions not passed - AWL conference 2019

Motions on left antisemitism, the Hijab in schools, and social security and Labour's policy, were all submitted to AWL conference 2019. The conference decided that the first of these motions - on left antisemitism - should not be voted on, after a debate; the second, on the Hijab in schools, fell; the third - on social security - were not voted on, as decided before any debate.

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