AWL conference 2015

After Corbyn: making socialist politics a decisive force

On 21-22 November, Workers’ Liberty will be holding our annual conference. This document about the Labour Party and the Corbyn surge will be one of those discussed. After decades of capitalist triumphalism and the decay of the left, the movement which carried Jeremy Corbyn to victory brings great openings and opportunities for socialists, potentially very great. But we have not yet emerged from the old period; that is the task to be accomplished. We need to: • Organise the newcomers into active CLPs, Young Labour groups, local left caucuses, etc. • Fight for democracy and for an active...

Favourable only so far

On 10 October the national committee of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty published its draft proposals to go to this year's Workers' Liberty conference, on 21-22 November, and opened the pre-conference discussion. In some activist socialist groups, the "pre-conference discussion period" is pretty much the only time when extensive debate is licensed. Workers' Liberty is not like that. Every activist can propose innovations, raise objections, or advocate censures, and group with like-minded others to do so, any time of the year. But the pre-conference period is a set time when we step back to...

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