AWL conference 2014

Projecting alternatives

The Alliance for Workers' Liberty, which publishes Solidarity, met for our annual conference on 25-26 October. The main resolution on perspectives noted the possibility of a growing pay revolt in the next year. Real wages have been squeezed more and longer than ever before on record, and yet union organisation, for all its weaknesses, remains stable. To contribute usefully if the pay revolt surges, and to hold the line if it doesn't, we must educate, train, and project ourselves as coherent, energetic advocates of class-struggle strategy and revolutionary socialist policy. Hard-right forces...

Solidarity with democratic, workers' and socialist forces in the Middle East resisting ISIS! Mobilise for 1 November!

(Muayad Ahmed, secretary of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq, addresses the conference.) Click here for index page for documents from AWL conference 2014The Alliance for Workers' Liberty conference (London, 25-6 October) sends solidarity to democratic, working-class and socialist organisations resisting ISIS and other oppressive forces in Kurdistan, Syria and Iraq, including our comrades in the Worker-communist Parties of Kurdistan and Iraq. We support the people of Kurdistan in their fight for self-determination and self-rule. More broadly, people in Kobane and elsewhere are fighting a life...

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