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Submitted by Zac Muddle on 2 May, 2019 - 10:38
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Find us on most major podcast directories: itunes, spotify, stitcher, tunein, soundcloud, and more. It is called "Solidarity & More", hosted by "Workers' Liberty" - please follow and like us! If you have a podcast app on your computer/phone you can subscribe directly to Workers' Liberty's podcast feed by clickinghere.

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Solidarity Audio

Directly play or download our audio recordings of our weekly newspaper, Solidarity, read by volunteers. Scroll on the list to see more, or browse in a SoundCloud new tab. Solidarity is published and appears online on Wednesdays; there is necessarily a delay before the audio recording comes out.

Or, subscribe here to have the newspaper delivered, or read it online.

Remain and Rebel

A volunteer reads Remain and Rebel: a socialist manifesto for Europe, by Workers' Liberty, by Workers' Liberty. This new pamphlet summarises our arguments on Brexit, Europe, international solidarity, free movement, immigration, and how to build socialist politics cross-borders. Buy the pamphlet here. Scroll on the list to see more.

Luxembourg Audio

Listen to Workers' Liberty's pamphlet The German Revolution, selected writings of Rosa Luxemburg; plus, an introduction to Rosa Luxemburg's life and works, a talk the AWL's January 2019 London forum; an introduction to The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions, published 1906.

The pamphlet can also be purchased here. It's writings span from when the German revolution of 1918-9 broke out, and Luxemburg was released from jail on 8 November 1918, through to her murder on 15 January 1919 by a right-wing militia operating under the protection of the Social Democratic government. An introduction by Paul Vernadsky, author of the Workers' Liberty book "The Russian Revolution: When Workers Took Power", tells the story of the German revolution and discusses the findings of recent scholarship on the events. Some Luxemburg's articles are new translations by Stan Crooke.

Environment Audio

A volunteer reads the December 2018 version of the Workers' Liberty pamphlet, For workers' climate action: climate change, capitalism and working-class struggle, a collection of articles and reviews on the fight against climate change, capitalism and on the role of workers' organisation and struggle in that. Buy the pamphlet here.

All Workers' Liberty Audio

Below lists all the audio which has been uploaded to SoundCloud in one place below, most recent first. Scroll on the list to see more, or browse in a SoundCloud new tab.

Some (mostly older) audio has not yet been uploaded to SoundCloud yet. See all audio pages here.

Labour Days podcast

Labour Days is a podcast about trade union issues and labour history; some of the team behind Labour Days are supporters of Workers’ Liberty. If you're interested in Workers' Liberty's politics you might like to listen to it! You can find it on most podcast services, or listen to their episodes below (scroll down for more). Check out their SoundCloud, facebook, twitter, or podcast feed.

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