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gang of seven

Gang of Seven, Brexit and antisemitism

The seven have picked up on real issues. But mainly they see themselves as “the professionals” in politics. Principles to them are secondary. They want jobs in politics. And the job market within Labour does not look good for them with new parliamentary selections.

no migration spies

Clear migration spies out of workplaces

Tens of thousands of migrants who do have “leave to remain” are having that “leave” tagged with “no recourse to public funds”, meaning that they and their children cannot get benefits such as free school meals.

school strike

The kids are coming (don't say you weren't warned)

If Labour ducks the climate issue now, we should not complain when our kids denounce us.

Syrian refugee camp

Shamima Begum should be allowed to return to the UK

Shamima Begum's support for the sectarian clerical-fascist Daesh is to be condemned. But to deprive anyone of legal rights, as to imprison them, should be done only after charge and fair trial, not by decree of a government minister anxious to placate an electorate in a nationalist mood.


The Omar Tweet controversy

The fact that criticism of Israel and Zionism is not per se antisemitic doesn’t mean it can’t be, even when those criticisms are accurate.

alcohol bad

Alcohol is harmful. Dry January will not help

Taking mind-altering substances is an innate part of being human. But compulsive pleasure-seeking habits are extremely harmful to ourselves and those around us.

yellow vests

The Yellow Vests: potentials and dangers

The Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) movement, now fourteen weeks old, drew thousands of protestors onto the streets of France on 16 February.

climate strike

Schools climate strike: build now for 15 March!

Tens of thousands of young people joined the Youth Strike for Climate school walkouts on Friday 18 February.

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