Children’s centres fight seeks link-up

The campaign to save the children’s centres in Lambeth, south London, continues despite the Labour council’s vote to go ahead with closures.


George Orwell: documenting the Spanish civil war

Orwell’s writings on the Spanish Revolution and civil war remain of great value to socialists. This article documents why.
Radical readers in Space, an online book club, will be discussing Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia on Thursday 28 March. More details here.


Invite of Chinese "Communist" Official is an insult to Chinese workers and to Marx

The Marx Memorial Library’s annual oration at the grave of Karl Marx was this year given, bizarrely, by Minister Ma Hui a senior official from the Chinese Embassy in the UK. The Chinese government is by no stretch of the imagination Marxist or socialist. Background and video of protest organised by Workers' Liberty and others.


VIDEO: An introduction to '1919: strikes, struggles and soviets'

An introduction to our pamphlet, '1919: strikes, struggles and soviets'.


The ship that turned away

Alan Simpson calls for a clear stance from Labour for a final say on Brexit... and for planting more trees and flowers


The voice of doubt and denial on antisemitism

The Morning Star’s regression back to Stalinist absolute anti-Zionism and antisemitic conspiracy theorising seems to have gained pace.

bollox to brexit

On the streets 23 March!

Labour for a Socialist Europe has been working with the Labour Campaign for Free Movement to oppose the Immigration Bill and support defence and extension of free movement. It should seek also to make cross-Europe links with left and internationalist groups in other labour movements, and to push Labour on cross-Europe links.

Remain and rebel

Remain and rebel: a socialist manifesto for Europe

A new pamphlet from Workers' Liberty summarises our arguments on Brexit, Europe, international solidarity, free movement, immigration, and how to build socialist politics cross-borders.

Zionists control Wall Street

Jon Lansman on Labour's antisemitism "tragedy"

Jon Lansman talked to us about antisemitism and the Labour Party.

Rosa Luxemburg

The German Revolution: Selected Writings of Rosa Luxemburg

Includes Rosa Luxemburg's major articles from 1918-19.

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Issue 499 — 20 March 2019

Socialist news, debate, and features. Reports on Labour and trade union issues.

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